Laong Dao


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Korakot Benjarong came back from the USA immediately after hearing about his father’s, Dr. Krai Benjarong, death.

On the first day of his arrival to Thailand, Lord Autthawatee, the family’s lawyer, informed him about the will that his father had left behind. The condition in the will stated that he would get his father’s entire asset only when he marries La Ong Dao, a girl who was adopted by Dr. Krai since she was born.

However, the freshly returned Korakot had never met La Ong Dao after leaving for overseas to further his studies as a child, but he was also in a committed relationship with Honey, a famous singer titled “The Pearl of Asia”. In fact, Kod’s only memory of his adopted sister was when she was still “a chubby and grumpy little girl.”

To his surprise, Kod soon finds out that La Ong Dao is no longer “a chubby and grumpy little child” but a beautiful lady with a heart full of dignity and beauty that is not only radiates on the outside but the inside as well.